Toxic Mix-up Between Suppression Injections & Vaccines



We were unable to perform a proper recall’


Tuesday, June 20, 2178 — NEW-DEN— The symptoms of our F-B vaccines, the ones we so dutifully subject ourselves to each year, may plague us.

We’re all aware of the rules established by those on the surface, that any who commit such crimes as rape or domestic violence shall be

‘henceforth subjected to annual suppression injections for purposes of treatment and…’

… and to spare the rest of the population the humiliation of allowing the bugger to carry on.

This treatment is often chosen as an alternative to exile, and is estimated to be both cheaper and more economically practical for those investors on the surface who still need their good slaves.

Where should the concern lie for citizens of the Swell?

Well, our Outsiders have received information that as many as 20,000 compromised F-B vaccines have been administered throughout the Swell.

That means, around 20,000 citizens have received a vaccine that is meant as a punishment for rapists and abusers. These victims will likely become sterile. No word yet of the effect on pregnant women.

As you know, F-B vaccines are not mandated, but they are required for employment at all places of business within the Swell.

It provides our systems with enough antibodies to fight off most of the viruses that have made appearances in the last few decades, such as Tuggs and the Standing Flu.

These vaccines come with many side effects, but none of them are remotely comparable to those of suppression injections.

Side effects include:

  • Infertility
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Rash on inner thighs that turns pink when rubbed
  • Increased agitation resulting in an altercation
  • Appetite that cannot be satisfied

If you are experiencing any of the above side effects, please seek medical attention at Centennial Hospital. Students of Berkel University are researching possible treatments for those affected.