Child Dies After Falling From Elevator; Swell Taking The Hit

July 14, 2179

New–Den¬† ¬†Yesterday, the north elevator had been shut down for an investigation into the death of a fifteen-year-old boy from the Outline*. The incident had been reported after those riding the elevator heard clamoring on top of the carrier before seeing the boy fly past the glass windows to land several hundred feet down on the Swell* floor.

According to several witnesses, the boy was with a group of friends along the rim to the Swell. They were pushing each other around, harassing those getting on and off the elevators, and then daring each other to ride the elevator. Only, there was a catch. They had to do it from the outside.

One of the boys was spotted climbing on top of the elevator as it began to descend, and then attempting to stand with his arms in the air. But with unregulated elevators comes a few hitches. The north elevator gave one of its common jerks, and the boy lost his footing, contributing to his fall.

The parents of the deceased are now raising hell, demanding that more be done to separate the Swell from the surface, and even going as far to suggest netting be placed over the gap

This, of course, puts Trols* in an unusual position. Most of their funding comes directly from the Outline, as most things do. However, this would count as an egregious overspend on an area that is often neglected.

Our question is, why should the Swell be punished for what happened to one boy. It may be a tragedy, but even the kids in the Swell know never to trust the elevators. We are already separated from them by hundreds of feet. Hidden away, in tunnels, like ants that can only come to the surface when they have a job to do. Now, they want to separate us further, with a net that would cut us off from what little light we receive.

It’s our guess, and the reason we’re publishing this story, that if you knew what they were planning, you’d do something about it.

Join us,

The Outsiders!


*The Outline- the suburban area that forms a ring around all of downtown New-Den. It sits between the city walls and the Swell.

*The Swell- a deep crevice that forms a complete circle around downtown New-Den, and separates downtown New-Den from the Outline. It is where all manufacturing plants, sewage lines, garbage smelters, and blue-collar workers reside.

*Trols- The police (pa-trols)