Toxic Dumping Causes Wave of Headaches Across the Swell

July 12, 2178– New-Den Swell– Putrid waste gushes between our toes on a regular basis. We’ve all gotten used to it, haven’t we? We’ve even made games out of who can dismantle the cleaning bots that roam our streets the fastest. So far, my money is on Jimmy Boy at the edge of Main Street. That kid has a bright future in trash engineering.

Down the street, Maiden Marion, or Sweet Marion Jane as her husband Ray likes to call her, has managed to make a cleaning agent out of the sludge that washes us against her co-op door. It doesn’t work, but it sure does bring the scent of the streets into your home, a real earthy kind of smell.

It’s possible that Maiden Marion may have sold out of all of her secret sauce across the Swell, because none of us seem to be able to escape the smell of it. Sure, even building has its smells, and the streets of course. If you never emerge to the surface, you’ll never notice this strange hint of cabbage in our air. Unfortunately for us, it’s not Marion’s cleaning agent, and it’s not the normal scent of our pitiful lives. It’s the dump on 23rd.

You know the one. There’s an incinerator under the tunnels of the Swell, right along the sewer system, that takes in the trash from the surface. Like all things down here, it’s broken. Maybe we should send Jimmy Boy over and see what he can do about it, because it sure doesn’t seem like anyone else will get to it any time soon. Until then, enjoy your headache.