Severe Food Shortage Leads To Starved Animals & Swarm Over The Border

Oct. 10, 2019

New-Den–     We’ve been told that the entire world is facing a food crisis. That climate change has ravaged agriculture after so many years of agriculture ravaging the climate. If that is so, then this isolation of our nation isn’t helping our situation.

During the early century floods and droughts, we lost 10% of our landmass and 40% of our farming land. We’ve found solutions to this- Harvest Grocers, with their greenhouse shopping centers and harvest pyramids just beyond our city walls. It’s enough to feed the city. At least the upper half. Those on the surface.

Us, down here, in the cabbage scented Swell, must fill our balconies with potato sacs and our rooftops with carrots and greens. All of which are peppered with the fumes of our great under the surface factories.

However, even with these measures, we still starve. Contaminated cabbages, the spread of disease, rotted food and leftovers passed to us from the surface is all we get. Recent deaths of zoo animals due to starvation, and our reports of conditions in the Borderlands reaching the level of the 2019 zimbabwe food shortages from drought that put them on the brink of famine- have us worried.

Some of our researchers have conjured images of the early 2000’s Syrian food shortage, and the Venezuelan food crisis that had more than half the population swarming over their borders to find food for their tables.

When we’ve asked locals, they claim its more like the bacon shortage, something we’ve experienced our whole lives and don’t see the end of. They argue that, if anything, “We’ll swarm the village”. That’s right, at least we know the surface has enough food for us all, and it’s only a short elevator ride away.


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