Local Artists Builds Mirrored Sculptures To Bring Light Into The Swell

July 30, 2179 New-Den     After our last article, updating you about lack of sunlight one of the greatest threats to our health, a local artist began building mirrored sculptures to let the light in.

“Why not mix art with health? I’ve always believed that art is a healer. With these sculptures, I’m able to make that true in more ways than one.” – Marx Hymy

Hymy is one of the most celebrated artists in downtown New-Den, and his art is featured in homes across the Outline, yet he refuses to leave the Swell, claiming that this is the source of his creativity and inspiration for his art.

Currently, he’s made five mirrored sculptures, and posted them along the east elevator frames and at opposing restaurants, allowing the light to bounce from the surface to the darkest level of the Swell.

He promises to make more sculptures, and offer them free of charge to anyone willing to install them on their balconies. Leave our logo outside your building if interested, and we’ll put you in touch.

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Lack of Sun In The Swell Causing Your Health Problems?

July 25, 2019 New-Den    Living down here, a few hundred feet from the surface, in their sewage, eating their leftovers, we are all bound to die a little too early. Turns out, the lack of sunlight is the most damaging.

Every year we send one of our health advocates to collect data from every urgent care, vaccine station, and doctor across the Swell*. Of course, we hear the usual- high percentages of disease, anemia, bacterial infections, and the overwhelming bouts of plague. It’s always been well-known that living like a rat could kill us quicker, but the recent spikes in suicide rates have caused Dr.’s to pay more attention to cases of depression and vitamin deficiency.

You’re urged to get to your nearest vitamin center for an injection if you’re experiencing many of the following symptoms:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Hair loss
  • Frequent infection or illness
  • Hallucinations
  • undiffused anger
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Irritable bowels
  • Memory loss

Down here, we choke on our cabbage scented air. We build on top of other buildings, connecting one side of the fissure to the other because that’s all we’ve got. We can’t expect those on the surface to spare us some light, either. It’s just another way to keep us down.

So what’s our message today? … Don’t let them win. Find the light.


From the Outsiders



Child Dies After Falling From Elevator; Swell Taking The Hit

July 14, 2179

New–Den   Yesterday, the north elevator had been shut down for an investigation into the death of a fifteen-year-old boy from the Outline*. The incident had been reported after those riding the elevator heard clamoring on top of the carrier before seeing the boy fly past the glass windows to land several hundred feet down on the Swell* floor.

According to several witnesses, the boy was with a group of friends along the rim to the Swell. They were pushing each other around, harassing those getting on and off the elevators, and then daring each other to ride the elevator. Only, there was a catch. They had to do it from the outside.

One of the boys was spotted climbing on top of the elevator as it began to descend, and then attempting to stand with his arms in the air. But with unregulated elevators comes a few hitches. The north elevator gave one of its common jerks, and the boy lost his footing, contributing to his fall.

The parents of the deceased are now raising hell, demanding that more be done to separate the Swell from the surface, and even going as far to suggest netting be placed over the gap

This, of course, puts Trols* in an unusual position. Most of their funding comes directly from the Outline, as most things do. However, this would count as an egregious overspend on an area that is often neglected.

Our question is, why should the Swell be punished for what happened to one boy. It may be a tragedy, but even the kids in the Swell know never to trust the elevators. We are already separated from them by hundreds of feet. Hidden away, in tunnels, like ants that can only come to the surface when they have a job to do. Now, they want to separate us further, with a net that would cut us off from what little light we receive.

It’s our guess, and the reason we’re publishing this story, that if you knew what they were planning, you’d do something about it.

Join us,

The Outsiders!


*The Outline- the suburban area that forms a ring around all of downtown New-Den. It sits between the city walls and the Swell.

*The Swell- a deep crevice that forms a complete circle around downtown New-Den, and separates downtown New-Den from the Outline. It is where all manufacturing plants, sewage lines, garbage smelters, and blue-collar workers reside.

*Trols- The police (pa-trols)

The Bottom Feeders Provide New Jobs For The Swell

July 7, 2179— New-Den      If you belong to the 38% of the unemployed in the Swell, then get your holos out because we’ve heard of an opportunity.

We all know how ineffective our street cleaners are. Those little machines that we manufacture right here in the Swell, are made of used parts from toys and junk that they pass down to us from the surface. They’re pointlessly created, but we’ll keep the jobs, and let the surface keep their face.

Still, we’re left with the issue of these “cleaners” sucking up shards of glass and bits of metal that cut up its insides and destroy its purpose. We still have junkers knocking them over, letting them run their motors until they die, or until a Trol comes along to repost it.

A few in Treeline alley were caught spitting the trash out right after slurping it up. Another on main street was caught trying to suck up a cat.

So, here’s your opportunity. The Bottom Feeders are hiring 120 cleaners to follow the street cleaners and do the job they were designed to. See Amira at The Bottom Feeder bar on main street for more information.

Student Recruitment Opportunity?

New-Den –  June 28, 2179     Berkel University is opening their arms to students of all ages, for a chance to enter CORE training programs at the university.

Either they’re seeking some good PR or they’re taunting us with the dream of leaving, it’s a rare bit of good news for the youth of our Swell.

CORE training is a comprehensive educational program, so we’re told, that prepares kids from the Swell for university, capitalizing in the areas of their strength. Scholarships are almost always provided to those who complete the program.

The problem- the details are vague, and the requirements for getting into the program are non-existent. We’re left to believe that students will be picked by algorithm, judged by their scores rather than their intellect.

Good luck to our youth.

Suicide Numbers Increase To City-Wide Epidemic

“Suicide levels have increased so dramatically, but no one cause has been identified”- statement from the Wellness Control Center.


New-Den— June 28, 2179    Suicides have always occurred at a higher rate down here, in the Swell, but in the last two years the rates are near epidemic.

Last night alone, a man rode the east elevator up to the rim, and jumped for the relief. Two others poisoned themselves by entering the restricted waste centers and posting themselves in front of the chemical purifiers.

Authorities are calling those “accidental deaths”, creating the delusion that they were attempting to get high off the fumes. Neglecting the fact that it’s impossible to do so from those fumes, something anyone from the Swell would know.

These three will be added to the 326 suicides we’ve recorded this week. Which leads us to this- why haven’t authorities done anything about the rise in deaths? No protection around the rim… No security for the chemical rooms…

Maybe they want us to find these easy ways out. And maybe, they’re pushing us closer to them.

Toxic Mix-up Between Suppression Injections & Vaccines



We were unable to perform a proper recall’


Tuesday, June 20, 2178 — NEW-DEN— The symptoms of our F-B vaccines, the ones we so dutifully subject ourselves to each year, may plague us.

We’re all aware of the rules established by those on the surface, that any who commit such crimes as rape or domestic violence shall be

‘henceforth subjected to annual suppression injections for purposes of treatment and…’

… and to spare the rest of the population the humiliation of allowing the bugger to carry on.

This treatment is often chosen as an alternative to exile, and is estimated to be both cheaper and more economically practical for those investors on the surface who still need their good slaves.

Where should the concern lie for citizens of the Swell?

Well, our Outsiders have received information that as many as 20,000 compromised F-B vaccines have been administered throughout the Swell.

That means, around 20,000 citizens have received a vaccine that is meant as a punishment for rapists and abusers. These victims will likely become sterile. No word yet of the effect on pregnant women.

As you know, F-B vaccines are not mandated, but they are required for employment at all places of business within the Swell.

It provides our systems with enough antibodies to fight off most of the viruses that have made appearances in the last few decades, such as Tuggs and the Standing Flu.

These vaccines come with many side effects, but none of them are remotely comparable to those of suppression injections.

Side effects include:

  • Infertility
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Rash on inner thighs that turns pink when rubbed
  • Increased agitation resulting in an altercation
  • Appetite that cannot be satisfied

If you are experiencing any of the above side effects, please seek medical attention at Centennial Hospital. Students of Berkel University are researching possible treatments for those affected.

Flooding On The East Side

June 19 , 2179– New-Den — We’ve become the drainage system for all of New-Den, the underground pipeline that roils away the sooty sludge and piss-infused street water, to give the surface its artificial sparkle.

You’ve seen the words “we’ve become” and want to toss your Holoscreen because you know we were designed for this. Designed to suck up their shit and drink the tainted droplets of snow from their heated roofs and drained roads.

Their design was poor, at least in the Swell, well below the surface, away from their detesting eyes. They didn’t consider where our shit would go, and what would happen when all that melted snow comes raining down on a place like this.

Or maybe they did, and they just don’t care that we’re wading through freezing pools of bile and other sorts. It’s a breeding ground.

… In other words, avoid Treeline Alley and the east side elevators.