Sewage Backup Causes Flooding In Hurricane Alley

Oct. 4, 2178

New-Den— Heavy rain and flash floods have always plagued the Swell. However, when you pair it with poor drainage systems and infrastructure issues you get long standing water, disease, and businesses that can’t recover.

“We been dealin’ wit the floodin’ for years, but neva thees bad,” says local tattoo parlor owner, Jac Aquis Smiths, whose business has been closed until it can be drained. “Thees… thees place is me whole life. I can’ eat withou’ it. But the gov. won’ do anythin’, so wees ha’ to.”

Locals who work in the factories have been stealing sacs and supplies to create barrier walls to keep the flooding in the streets while they pump the water from businesses along Hurricane Alley (“flooding zone x”), where most of the flooding has occurred.

Trols have yet to aid, though they have neglected to stop those from stealing and helping those businesses affected. We advise you to take advantage of it while it lasts.

We’ve seen this kind of flooding and sewage backup before, and we don’t expect it to end. The surface has not approved structural updates, and Trols have prevented us from making changes to the infrastructure ourselves. So we’re stuck with the flooding, the sewage backup health risks, and the drowned businesses. Stuck researching how to clean sewage back up rather than preventing it.

Our advice? It’s likely already in the heads of many, but we’ll just say we approve… Send the water upward, into the streets on the surface. Maybe then our flooding news will become theirs as well.


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Flooding On The East Side

June 19 , 2179– New-Den — We’ve become the drainage system for all of New-Den, the underground pipeline that roils away the sooty sludge and piss-infused street water, to give the surface its artificial sparkle.

You’ve seen the words “we’ve become” and want to toss your Holoscreen because you know we were designed for this. Designed to suck up their shit and drink the tainted droplets of snow from their heated roofs and drained roads.

Their design was poor, at least in the Swell, well below the surface, away from their detesting eyes. They didn’t consider where our shit would go, and what would happen when all that melted snow comes raining down on a place like this.

Or maybe they did, and they just don’t care that we’re wading through freezing pools of bile and other sorts. It’s a breeding ground.

… In other words, avoid Treeline Alley and the east side elevators.