A Year On: Swell Water Crisis Still Keeping Families Apart

July 11, 2178– New-Den Swell– Water out of the faucet is brown. It gives off a smell of waste, rust, and warm urine. Clenching stomachs, hearts fluttering, dizzy spells all came to the people. Later, mothers lose their children, birth rates drop, birth defects increase, and again the mothers lose their children. A community already facing hardship cannot sustain the effects of their children facing learning deficiencies and heart diseases. This battle for a better life, thwarted by a governments neglect and a careless eagerness to pinch pennies.

That’s right, the troubles you and your children face now- not just the pain of brushing your teeth and washing your skin with bottled and boiled water each day- is the work of your local government. In an attempt to save money, they switched your water supply to an old, rusted out pipeline. One that had already been put out of commission, sealed off, and stripped of certification by the New-Den Sub-City Water Commission. If you work in the tunnels, you might recognize this pipe by the stench it puts off.

That’s right, that’s the one- Old Stinky, or Sir Farts A Lot, as some of the kids like to call it. You’ve been drinking water from that pipe for a year. It’s already done its damage on the Swell, and there is no going back. Sure, they’ve switch it back to the previous pipelines, and word from the surface is that they’re planning to redo the lines next year since some of our smell is causing a stink up in the Outline communities. We’ll give them a round of applause for that, quietly. But what will they do for the mothers and fathers that have to shoulder the weight of a child that won’t be able to function on their own. Or to those whose child will never come to be. Let’s not leave out the generation after. How will the new kids on the block, whose parents’ parent’s gave birth with lead flowing through their umbilical cords. We’ll never know.

I suppose that’s the point. They don’t want us to even think about it. They’ll wear us out in a million other ways to keep us from it, to keep us from asking- when will it end?

Severe Food Shortage Leads To Starved Animals & Swarm Over The Border

Oct. 10, 2019

New-Den–     We’ve been told that the entire world is facing a food crisis. That climate change has ravaged agriculture after so many years of agriculture ravaging the climate. If that is so, then this isolation of our nation isn’t helping our situation.

During the early century floods and droughts, we lost 10% of our landmass and 40% of our farming land. We’ve found solutions to this- Harvest Grocers, with their greenhouse shopping centers and harvest pyramids just beyond our city walls. It’s enough to feed the city. At least the upper half. Those on the surface.

Us, down here, in the cabbage scented Swell, must fill our balconies with potato sacs and our rooftops with carrots and greens. All of which are peppered with the fumes of our great under the surface factories.

However, even with these measures, we still starve. Contaminated cabbages, the spread of disease, rotted food and leftovers passed to us from the surface is all we get. Recent deaths of zoo animals due to starvation, and our reports of conditions in the Borderlands reaching the level of the 2019 zimbabwe food shortages from drought that put them on the brink of famine- have us worried.

Some of our researchers have conjured images of the early 2000’s Syrian food shortage, and the Venezuelan food crisis that had more than half the population swarming over their borders to find food for their tables.

When we’ve asked locals, they claim its more like the bacon shortage, something we’ve experienced our whole lives and don’t see the end of. They argue that, if anything, “We’ll swarm the village”. That’s right, at least we know the surface has enough food for us all, and it’s only a short elevator ride away.


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Local Artists Builds Mirrored Sculptures To Bring Light Into The Swell

July 30, 2179 New-Den     After our last article, updating you about lack of sunlight one of the greatest threats to our health, a local artist began building mirrored sculptures to let the light in.

“Why not mix art with health? I’ve always believed that art is a healer. With these sculptures, I’m able to make that true in more ways than one.” – Marx Hymy

Hymy is one of the most celebrated artists in downtown New-Den, and his art is featured in homes across the Outline, yet he refuses to leave the Swell, claiming that this is the source of his creativity and inspiration for his art.

Currently, he’s made five mirrored sculptures, and posted them along the east elevator frames and at opposing restaurants, allowing the light to bounce from the surface to the darkest level of the Swell.

He promises to make more sculptures, and offer them free of charge to anyone willing to install them on their balconies. Leave our logo outside your building if interested, and we’ll put you in touch.

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