Flesh Eating Fungus Shuts Down Bottom Feeder Bar

Aug. 23, 2178– New-Den– The popular Bottom Feeder bar on the Swell’s main loop is shut down for the rest of the weekend for a full decontamination by the Swell Department of Hazardous Waste.

This department is comprised, almost entirely, of Swell sewage and trash disposal personnel, and created over the weekend to dispose of the fungus found at Bottom Feeder bar. What will happen to the department after the cleanup? So far, authorities have not let on, but most Swell residents are doubtful it will stick around.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, made comments to our source as he was pulled from the bar by Trols during the initial lock down.

“We wuz drinkin’ wit Mizz Mira n’ they’z comin’ n’ trow us ou’. ‘Bout time they’z did somethin’ dun here, bu’ it won’ las’. They’z only duz it becuz o’ the worka’z that’z goes up, ya kno’.”

His comments are in reference to a Swell resident, Demetrius Can, thought to be the first resident to be exposed to the fungus and develop symptoms, who was found dead in the home of his employer in the Outline.

The fungus continued to grow on Mr. Can’s skin, and it’s possible that he spread the fungus to other locations. The home in the Outline is undergoing decontamination along with Bottom Feeder bar, but no word on whether their search for the fungus will extend throughout the Swell.

If you discover a purplish fuzz that turns an orange tint when exposed to heat, call… At this time, no contact information has been released for further exposures. If you experience any symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, or a red-purple rash on any patch of skin, you’re encouraged to visit your local urgent care. There is no treatment yet for this fungus, but our sources tell us “they’re working on it.”

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Man Dies After Starving Himself for Park Pass

July 20, 2178– New-Den Swell– The mirrors placed on balconies and on the sides of businesses help to bring the light to the deepest reaches of the Swell during the day. At night, we have the World of Fitness.

The great complex of mile-wide domes, sitting on the edge of the surface, taunting us as we stare up at it– has long been a source of agony. Since it’s development, our sleep has been interrupted by the glow of its bright lights and the howls of excitement of the privileged that get to see what’s inside. Across the Swell, hundreds have been thrown from their gates as we try to catch a glimpse. Thousands have applied for even their most demeaning roles- petting zoo cleaner, snow raker- just to get the free one day a year pass their employment lends them. Dozens of families scrounged and saved for years to buy a pass for birthdays and holidays, only to be thrown from the gates with accusations of theft and fraud.

They don’t want us there. Yet still, so many of us strive to find ways into their circle. Into the domes of privilege. Such is the story of Joaquin Buena. After hearing countless stories of the silvery peaks of snow in the ski dome and the warm waters of the beach dome, Joaquin did everything he could to save the money for a day pass, including starving himself for five months. The money he would have spent on food all wadded in a jar he kept behind his warped mattress, on it written “World of Fitness”.

Joaquin was found by his mother this morning, who then suffered a heart attack at the sight. Her family now must use the funds to cremate them both.



Toxic Dumping Causes Wave of Headaches Across the Swell

July 12, 2178– New-Den Swell– Putrid waste gushes between our toes on a regular basis. We’ve all gotten used to it, haven’t we? We’ve even made games out of who can dismantle the cleaning bots that roam our streets the fastest. So far, my money is on Jimmy Boy at the edge of Main Street. That kid has a bright future in trash engineering.

Down the street, Maiden Marion, or Sweet Marion Jane as her husband Ray likes to call her, has managed to make a cleaning agent out of the sludge that washes us against her co-op door. It doesn’t work, but it sure does bring the scent of the streets into your home, a real earthy kind of smell.

It’s possible that Maiden Marion may have sold out of all of her secret sauce across the Swell, because none of us seem to be able to escape the smell of it. Sure, even building has its smells, and the streets of course. If you never emerge to the surface, you’ll never notice this strange hint of cabbage in our air. Unfortunately for us, it’s not Marion’s cleaning agent, and it’s not the normal scent of our pitiful lives. It’s the dump on 23rd.

You know the one. There’s an incinerator under the tunnels of the Swell, right along the sewer system, that takes in the trash from the surface. Like all things down here, it’s broken. Maybe we should send Jimmy Boy over and see what he can do about it, because it sure doesn’t seem like anyone else will get to it any time soon. Until then, enjoy your headache.

A Year On: Swell Water Crisis Still Keeping Families Apart

July 11, 2178– New-Den Swell– Water out of the faucet is brown. It gives off a smell of waste, rust, and warm urine. Clenching stomachs, hearts fluttering, dizzy spells all came to the people. Later, mothers lose their children, birth rates drop, birth defects increase, and again the mothers lose their children. A community already facing hardship cannot sustain the effects of their children facing learning deficiencies and heart diseases. This battle for a better life, thwarted by a governments neglect and a careless eagerness to pinch pennies.

That’s right, the troubles you and your children face now- not just the pain of brushing your teeth and washing your skin with bottled and boiled water each day- is the work of your local government. In an attempt to save money, they switched your water supply to an old, rusted out pipeline. One that had already been put out of commission, sealed off, and stripped of certification by the New-Den Sub-City Water Commission. If you work in the tunnels, you might recognize this pipe by the stench it puts off.

That’s right, that’s the one- Old Stinky, or Sir Farts A Lot, as some of the kids like to call it. You’ve been drinking water from that pipe for a year. It’s already done its damage on the Swell, and there is no going back. Sure, they’ve switch it back to the previous pipelines, and word from the surface is that they’re planning to redo the lines next year since some of our smell is causing a stink up in the Outline communities. We’ll give them a round of applause for that, quietly. But what will they do for the mothers and fathers that have to shoulder the weight of a child that won’t be able to function on their own. Or to those whose child will never come to be. Let’s not leave out the generation after. How will the new kids on the block, whose parents’ parent’s gave birth with lead flowing through their umbilical cords. We’ll never know.

I suppose that’s the point. They don’t want us to even think about it. They’ll wear us out in a million other ways to keep us from it, to keep us from asking- when will it end?

Severe Food Shortage Leads To Starved Animals & Swarm Over The Border

Oct. 10, 2019

New-Den–     We’ve been told that the entire world is facing a food crisis. That climate change has ravaged agriculture after so many years of agriculture ravaging the climate. If that is so, then this isolation of our nation isn’t helping our situation.

During the early century floods and droughts, we lost 10% of our landmass and 40% of our farming land. We’ve found solutions to this- Harvest Grocers, with their greenhouse shopping centers and harvest pyramids just beyond our city walls. It’s enough to feed the city. At least the upper half. Those on the surface.

Us, down here, in the cabbage scented Swell, must fill our balconies with potato sacs and our rooftops with carrots and greens. All of which are peppered with the fumes of our great under the surface factories.

However, even with these measures, we still starve. Contaminated cabbages, the spread of disease, rotted food and leftovers passed to us from the surface is all we get. Recent deaths of zoo animals due to starvation, and our reports of conditions in the Borderlands reaching the level of the 2019 zimbabwe food shortages from drought that put them on the brink of famine- have us worried.

Some of our researchers have conjured images of the early 2000’s Syrian food shortage, and the Venezuelan food crisis that had more than half the population swarming over their borders to find food for their tables.

When we’ve asked locals, they claim its more like the bacon shortage, something we’ve experienced our whole lives and don’t see the end of. They argue that, if anything, “We’ll swarm the village”. That’s right, at least we know the surface has enough food for us all, and it’s only a short elevator ride away.


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Sewage Backup Causes Flooding In Hurricane Alley

Oct. 4, 2178

New-Den— Heavy rain and flash floods have always plagued the Swell. However, when you pair it with poor drainage systems and infrastructure issues you get long standing water, disease, and businesses that can’t recover.

“We been dealin’ wit the floodin’ for years, but neva thees bad,” says local tattoo parlor owner, Jac Aquis Smiths, whose business has been closed until it can be drained. “Thees… thees place is me whole life. I can’ eat withou’ it. But the gov. won’ do anythin’, so wees ha’ to.”

Locals who work in the factories have been stealing sacs and supplies to create barrier walls to keep the flooding in the streets while they pump the water from businesses along Hurricane Alley (“flooding zone x”), where most of the flooding has occurred.

Trols have yet to aid, though they have neglected to stop those from stealing and helping those businesses affected. We advise you to take advantage of it while it lasts.

We’ve seen this kind of flooding and sewage backup before, and we don’t expect it to end. The surface has not approved structural updates, and Trols have prevented us from making changes to the infrastructure ourselves. So we’re stuck with the flooding, the sewage backup health risks, and the drowned businesses. Stuck researching how to clean sewage back up rather than preventing it.

Our advice? It’s likely already in the heads of many, but we’ll just say we approve… Send the water upward, into the streets on the surface. Maybe then our flooding news will become theirs as well.


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Local Artists Builds Mirrored Sculptures To Bring Light Into The Swell

July 30, 2179 New-Den     After our last article, updating you about lack of sunlight one of the greatest threats to our health, a local artist began building mirrored sculptures to let the light in.

“Why not mix art with health? I’ve always believed that art is a healer. With these sculptures, I’m able to make that true in more ways than one.” – Marx Hymy

Hymy is one of the most celebrated artists in downtown New-Den, and his art is featured in homes across the Outline, yet he refuses to leave the Swell, claiming that this is the source of his creativity and inspiration for his art.

Currently, he’s made five mirrored sculptures, and posted them along the east elevator frames and at opposing restaurants, allowing the light to bounce from the surface to the darkest level of the Swell.

He promises to make more sculptures, and offer them free of charge to anyone willing to install them on their balconies. Leave our logo outside your building if interested, and we’ll put you in touch.

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Lack of Sun In The Swell Causing Your Health Problems?

July 25, 2019 New-Den    Living down here, a few hundred feet from the surface, in their sewage, eating their leftovers, we are all bound to die a little too early. Turns out, the lack of sunlight is the most damaging.

Every year we send one of our health advocates to collect data from every urgent care, vaccine station, and doctor across the Swell*. Of course, we hear the usual- high percentages of disease, anemia, bacterial infections, and the overwhelming bouts of plague. It’s always been well-known that living like a rat could kill us quicker, but the recent spikes in suicide rates have caused Dr.’s to pay more attention to cases of depression and vitamin deficiency.

You’re urged to get to your nearest vitamin center for an injection if you’re experiencing many of the following symptoms:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Hair loss
  • Frequent infection or illness
  • Hallucinations
  • undiffused anger
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Irritable bowels
  • Memory loss

Down here, we choke on our cabbage scented air. We build on top of other buildings, connecting one side of the fissure to the other because that’s all we’ve got. We can’t expect those on the surface to spare us some light, either. It’s just another way to keep us down.

So what’s our message today? … Don’t let them win. Find the light.


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Suicide Numbers Increase To City-Wide Epidemic

“Suicide levels have increased so dramatically, but no one cause has been identified”- statement from the Wellness Control Center.


New-Den— June 28, 2179    Suicides have always occurred at a higher rate down here, in the Swell, but in the last two years the rates are near epidemic.

Last night alone, a man rode the east elevator up to the rim, and jumped for the relief. Two others poisoned themselves by entering the restricted waste centers and posting themselves in front of the chemical purifiers.

Authorities are calling those “accidental deaths”, creating the delusion that they were attempting to get high off the fumes. Neglecting the fact that it’s impossible to do so from those fumes, something anyone from the Swell would know.

These three will be added to the 326 suicides we’ve recorded this week. Which leads us to this- why haven’t authorities done anything about the rise in deaths? No protection around the rim… No security for the chemical rooms…

Maybe they want us to find these easy ways out. And maybe, they’re pushing us closer to them.

Toxic Mix-up Between Suppression Injections & Vaccines



We were unable to perform a proper recall’


Tuesday, June 20, 2178 — NEW-DEN— The symptoms of our F-B vaccines, the ones we so dutifully subject ourselves to each year, may plague us.

We’re all aware of the rules established by those on the surface, that any who commit such crimes as rape or domestic violence shall be

‘henceforth subjected to annual suppression injections for purposes of treatment and…’

… and to spare the rest of the population the humiliation of allowing the bugger to carry on.

This treatment is often chosen as an alternative to exile, and is estimated to be both cheaper and more economically practical for those investors on the surface who still need their good slaves.

Where should the concern lie for citizens of the Swell?

Well, our Outsiders have received information that as many as 20,000 compromised F-B vaccines have been administered throughout the Swell.

That means, around 20,000 citizens have received a vaccine that is meant as a punishment for rapists and abusers. These victims will likely become sterile. No word yet of the effect on pregnant women.

As you know, F-B vaccines are not mandated, but they are required for employment at all places of business within the Swell.

It provides our systems with enough antibodies to fight off most of the viruses that have made appearances in the last few decades, such as Tuggs and the Standing Flu.

These vaccines come with many side effects, but none of them are remotely comparable to those of suppression injections.

Side effects include:

  • Infertility
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Rash on inner thighs that turns pink when rubbed
  • Increased agitation resulting in an altercation
  • Appetite that cannot be satisfied

If you are experiencing any of the above side effects, please seek medical attention at Centennial Hospital. Students of Berkel University are researching possible treatments for those affected.