About The Outsiders

Welcome to the Outsiders News!

We were founded in 2150, by those who saw the disadvantages in the Swell and who created them.

Knowing it would only get worse- that we in the Swell would continue to be held down- the Outsiders News was created.

We’re here to give you a voice, and a chance.


Why You’re Here

Assuming you’re not a Trol, you’re here because you’re tired of the news blockage. Tired of watching the streams from the surface, knowing they’re going to skip over the Swell.

You’re here because you want to know what they’re keeping from you, and the Outsiders News is here to spread it.


Help Us!

Due to the illegal nature of our tactics for obtaining your news, our location, sources, and reporters must remain obscure.

Because the Swell is a place of tales, and stories travel fast once they’re out, we ask that you spread as many false ones as possible about our establishment.

Keep your radios hidden. We all know the punishment for being caught with one.

DO NOT, under any circumstance, give out the new frequency, time, or date of our broadcasts. They will be announced at the end of each broadcast. We don’t take kindly to giving the Trols a chance to listen to our broadcasts.

If you have a story, put up our symbol in the designated areas, and we’ll find you.


Have a voice. Join the Outsiders!



*The Outline- the suburban area that forms a ring around all of downtown New-Den. It sits between the city walls and the Swell.

*The Swell- a deep crevice that forms a complete circle around downtown New-Den, and separates downtown New-Den from the Outline. It is where all manufacturing plants, sewage lines, garbage smelters, and blue-collar workers reside.

*Trols- The police (pa-trols)