Baby Swallowed By Street Cleaners- Here’s What They Found When They Opened It Up

August 8, 2179   New-Den      Last night, a woman named Annena Colt walked with her son, Tyson Colt, age 2, to The Bottom Feeder bar where she went to search for her husband. He’d had the late shift, but hadn’t returned home when expected.

Mrs. Colt let her son play by her feet as she shared a Hog with her husband after learning that he’d just been laid off from his position as head mech operator at Teysey Toys. Their son wasn’t known to be very mobile, having only just learned to crawl a few days before the incident- development is a lot slower down here, in the Swell.

But on this night, Tyson had managed to make it through the stampeding boots around the bar, and under the swinging doors onto the streets. As with every night, the street cleaners were out, sucking up the tepid water and sogging napkins thrown to the streets.

You must be wondering… As you know, our street cleaners are known for being a pitiful waste of spare parts, hardly able to suck a tissue up with its foul breeze. It’s one of the reasons The Bottom Feeders began hiring cleaners to follow the machines and do the actual cleaning. However, one clever mechanic, who shall not be named for her own safety, has been making adjustments to the machines so that they function as they should.

Little did she know that her efforts would result in a child being sucked into the dusty bowels of one of her machines.

Annena heard Tysons cries and ran into the streets in enough time to grab her son’s hand. Some of the patrons from the bar knocked the cleaner over, reaching a hand into its bottom gears to stall it. Once the suction stopped, they began carefully dismantling it. Hearing Tyson still crying from inside was a good sign.

When it was finally open, Tyson was found cut with shards of glass and wire, and with a throat full of rain dampened grime and dust. He’s currently recovering in Eastside Emergency. The story doesn’t stop there.

Along with Tyson, the patrons found in the junket- a stiff cat, several dead rats, and an encrypted Terradrive. It was promptly brought to us at the Outsiders for further inspection, but so far, none of our hackers have been able to access what’s inside.

If you have any skills or information that may be of use to us in this matter, put our logo on the light post across from the Bottom Feeder bar on the main ring, and we’ll find you. For everyone else, the street cleaners may have better suction from now on, mind your babies.


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