Local Artists Builds Mirrored Sculptures To Bring Light Into The Swell

July 30, 2179 New-Den     After our last article, updating you about lack of sunlight one of the greatest threats to our health, a local artist began building mirrored sculptures to let the light in.

“Why not mix art with health? I’ve always believed that art is a healer. With these sculptures, I’m able to make that true in more ways than one.” – Marx Hymy

Hymy is one of the most celebrated artists in downtown New-Den, and his art is featured in homes across the Outline, yet he refuses to leave the Swell, claiming that this is the source of his creativity and inspiration for his art.

Currently, he’s made five mirrored sculptures, and posted them along the east elevator frames and at opposing restaurants, allowing the light to bounce from the surface to the darkest level of the Swell.

He promises to make more sculptures, and offer them free of charge to anyone willing to install them on their balconies. Leave our logo outside your building if interested, and we’ll put you in touch.

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