Suicide Numbers Increase To City-Wide Epidemic

“Suicide levels have increased so dramatically, but no one cause has been identified”- statement from the Wellness Control Center.


New-Den— June 28, 2179    Suicides have always occurred at a higher rate down here, in the Swell, but in the last two years the rates are near epidemic.

Last night alone, a man rode the east elevator up to the rim, and jumped for the relief. Two others poisoned themselves by entering the restricted waste centers and posting themselves in front of the chemical purifiers.

Authorities are calling those “accidental deaths”, creating the delusion that they were attempting to get high off the fumes. Neglecting the fact that it’s impossible to do so from those fumes, something anyone from the Swell would know.

These three will be added to the 326 suicides we’ve recorded this week. Which leads us to this- why haven’t authorities done anything about the rise in deaths? No protection around the rim… No security for the chemical rooms…

Maybe they want us to find these easy ways out. And maybe, they’re pushing us closer to them.

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